A raft of tweaks has extended its life, but it's now feeling past its prime. The dynamics have been improved, but few will see past the dated cabin. While the price looks tempting, we would advise soft-top fans to buy elsewhere. There's no beating great design MG's TF is the perfect example. The two-seater first appeared way back inbreathing new life into the long dormant MG brand with a sensational blend of classic styling and driver appeal.

An instant best-seller, it helped to sustain a newly independent MG Rover, and provided a launch pad for evolutions of plainer Rover models. New suspension and a fresh front- end design strengthened the soft-top's appeal. However, the revamp did little to address the fundamental problem of the cabin, which compared to its competitors' was badly packaged and hopelessly out of date.

Now the firm has tried to rectify this as part of a mild facelift for Unfortunately, what the two-seater really needed was a full interior redesign, but the kind of major investment that would have required was simply not available.

mg tf 135

The trim quality and switchgear are leftovers of a bygone era, while the driving pos-ition remains appalling. What's more, the pedal arrangement is cramped, the seat is mounted too high and the steering wheel is far too low.

Climb into the MG after being in a more modern roadster, and it feels truly dated. Yet all is not quite lost. Out on the road, the TF manages to redeem itself.

Its suspension has been retuned to improve comfort levels with revised springs and dampers. The MG is now more bearable on potholed city streets and fast undulating A-roads, with only the level of wind noise spoiling the driving experience on the motorway.

Enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the two-seater's well balanced handling hasn't been compromised, either.

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MG claims new wheels and tyres also help, and once you become used to the vague gearchange and numb steering, the TF feels safer when it's pushed through tight corners. Our test car was powered by the company's bhp 1.Model Stepspeed Type K1. All models Suspension Front Coil spring over gas-filled damper located by double wishbones.

Anti-roll bar diameter: 20mm Rear Multi-link. Coil spring over gas-filled damper. Anti-roll bar diameter: 18mm Optional Sports Pack Trim height reduced by 10mm. Uprated dampers with revised valving and springs Steering Type Speed sensitive electric power assisted rack and pinion Turns lock-to-lock 2. All models External dimensions mm Wheelbase Length Width excluding door mirrors Width including door mirrors Front track all except ultra lightweight wheel optional ultra lightweight wheel Rear track all except ultra lightweight wheel optional ultra lightweight wheel Standard suspension Sports Pack 1 Height unladen.

Mid, transverse. Compression ratio as certified. Camshaft configuration. EN 95 RON unleaded. Maximum power kW. Maximum torque Nm. Maximum intermittent engine speed rpm. Gear ratios 1 st. EmCVT max. Overall final drive. Acceleration secs and Top Speed. CO 2 grams per km.

Unladen weight kg min max. All models. Coil spring over gas-filled damper located by double wishbones. Anti-roll bar diameter: 20mm. Anti-roll bar diameter: 18mm. Trim height reduced by 10mm.

Used MG TF cars for sale

Uprated dampers with revised valving and springs. Speed sensitive electric power assisted rack and pinion. Turning circle kerb-to-kerb m. Steering wheel diameter mm. Ventilated disc with pin-slider calliper. Solid disc with pin-slider calliper. Front-rear split. Bosch 5.

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Uprated front brakes standard on Wheels and Tyres. Spare all except Instant Mobility System. Fuel tank useable capacity.Jump to navigation. The TF was the first car to be made under the new regimewith the MG6 following a few years later. The only big change since occurred in when the car was rebranded as the TF and the original hydragas rear suspension arrangement was replaced by conventional steel springs and the car received a more square-jawed look, compared to the MGF.

It comes with two seats, an engine in the middle, air conditioning and it is priced to compete with the Mazda MX Account Created with Sketch. Mobile navigation. Tabs Menu. You are logged out. Login Register. MG Motor TF review. MG TF Matt Saunders Road test editor. Then a model. Driven this week. It's the most involving car Lamborghini makes and genuinely good to Porsche Spyder.

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mg tf 135

Quick search Top 10s Latest car reviews Latest news Latest videos. We recommend Geneva motor show What Car? Legal bits Terms and conditions Cookie policy Privacy policy Complaints.The MG TF is a great car. It is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive roadster that was produced by MG from untiland by MG Motor from until But one thing was missing.

The MG TF has no on-board computer, so that only the speed is displayed on the speedometer. So the idea was to use the OBD2 for getting sensor information like speed, acceleration data, current horse power etc.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The OBD2 connector is under the steering wheel. There is plate which can removed for e. After removing the plate the OBD2 connector is accessible.

In this case the white connector on the picture. Sometimes Torque Pro does not recognizes the Bluetooth adapter. So it has to removed from the connector and plugged in again. Usually the Bluetooth adapter can be plugged in and the plate can be mounted. The power consumption of the adapter is very low.

Add Teacher Note. What is needed for grabbing the OBD2 data and displaying? In this case we want to display the data on an Android smartphone by using Bluetooth. Where is the damn OBD2 connector? Now the speed, acceleration, gas consumption etc.

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Have fun : Some pictures are taken from the Torque Pro application. Did you make this project?The free-revving engine is mid mounted giving balanced handling and confident roadholding. The TF had conventional sprung suspension rather than the hydra-gas system of the F, this gives an improved cornering ability however the ride is no longer as smooth as the previous model. For a mid engined sports car the MG TF is cheap and easy to live with while luggage space is surprisingly good.

The final models received a glass rear screen. The smaller 1. It lowered the point of entry for this mid-engined roadster at the cost of some performance but helped to bring in some extra customers.

OBD2 and MG TF 135

For the second life of the MG TFproduction of the much loved roadster returned under Chinese ownership. The cars remained in construction in small numbers at the Longbridge UK factory. Good levels of trim and equipment including a Clarion ICE system, combine with a highly competitive price tag.

The MG may have been a little dated but it maintained the timeless appeal of a roadster and it is a lot of fun for the money.

Production ended by with the inventory slowly running out. The MG TF also known as the Trophy was produced for a limited time as a halo model offering extra performance.

Driving fans will enjoy the power gains from the VVC variable valve timing system. The new model featured numerous specification and cosmetic changes and, as its name implies, the LE version is a special launch edition, limited to only units in the UK, each individually numbered and with an enhanced specification. The roadster features a restyled front end with a sporty lower grille with integral fog lights, revised twin upper air intakes, new headlights and a fresh bonnet.

mg tf 135

The TF LE comes with a host of standard features including hard top, rear parking sensors, leather seats and air conditioning, providing a very high level of specification at an extremely competitive price. Information last updated 29th July Do you drive a MG TF? Would you recommend it to others? Join the conversation and let us know what you think of the car.Excellent, confidence-inspiriring roadholding and handling, good brakes, enough performance from Four star NCAP crash safety score Heavily reworked, the most notable change was the shift away from the MGFs Hydragas suspension to a more traditional springs and shocks arrangement.

MG TF (2002 - 2005)

Other tweaks included increasing the car's rigidity in a bid to improve dynamics, and a redesigned airflow path for the cooling system to prevent the K-series pulling its usual party trick of overheating. As well as the side air-intake grilles you can tell the MGF and TF apart thanks to redesigned headlights, bumpers, grille and the rear boot.

Those looking for at-the-wheel thrills had little to complain about. The TF is a mid-engined sports car with double wishbone suspension and delivers on its promise to entertain. Where it fell down, however, was in terms of build quality. The cabin was a thorn in its side when new - although classic owners have tended to be more forgiving of its shortcomings.

Ask Honest John Browse Answers. What oil can I use in my classic car? How many licensed Porsche models are left on UK roads? I just bought a Jaguar XK8. Do you have any advice in terms of maintenance and servicing? Sign up to the HonestJohn.

Classic Car Finance How to finance a classic car Cheap Classic Car Insurance Our guide to cheap classic car insurance Where can you get quick classic car insurance quotes? Search the forum. Selling your classic car? Introduction Timeline Buying Guide. Good looks, excellent handling and strong brakes. Good crash test rating. Better drive than MGF. Head gasket problems with K-series four-cylinder engines. Dash trim feels cheap.

No glass rear window. View more results.Lest we forget the fact, the TF is here to remind us what MG was once all about - nimble, low-cost roadsters with bags of character and almost universal appeal. The company's current range may incorporate everything from hatchbacks to supercars, but the TF proves they can still build great little roadsters.

Building on the considerable success of the MGF, which has been consistently in the upper reaches of the roadster sales charts sincethe TF retains essentially the same mechancal underpinnings bar greatly improved suspension.

However, the TF's exterior has a far sleeker look and - just as importantly - improved build quality has resolved most of the reliability niggles associated with the older car. The interior remains practically identical and its design betrays the car's age, though such blemishes can be hidden behind some of the more luxurious upholstery schemes.

An entry-level 1. The latter feels very fast thanks to the TF's lightweight status, but for everyday use the more modest 1. Without wanting to lapse into stereotypes, there really is something about driving an MG with the roof down through country lanes on a summer's day. There are better handling cars, faster cars and better equipped cars, but for many buyers, that indefinable 'something' will be enough to sway their buying decision.

Just don't end up regretting it in the deep midwinter, when the TF becomes much less practical. List prices are reasonable rather than attractive. Running costs are rather better with decent fuel economy and cheap parts and labour freely available for maintenance. Most good-looking, mid-engined roadsters offer little in the way of storage space, but the TF is a notable exception.

The boot may still be only a fraction as large as a saloon or hatch, but it's big enough to swallow a couple of overnight bags with space left over for souvenirs. The cabin is cramped, and a large transmission tunnel divides it straight down the middle. Everything is clear enough, without displaying any particular panache.

The crude manner in which warning lights illuminate betrays the TF's ancient underpinings but all you really need is a rev counter and something to tell you when you've left the lights on. Switchgear quality is very poor, contructed from unattractive plastics and with a lightweight, brittle feel.

Seats are comfortable, offer a fair range of manual only adjustment and are extremely supportive through corners. Former MGF owners will be pleased to discover that it is now possible to adjust the rake of the steering wheel - but not the reach.

Noise is an important factor. The booming engine sits just behind the cockpit and while it is exhilarating in small doses, it becomes tiresome on longer journeys.

MG TF 135 Sport with only 34000 miles for sale in Sudbury Suffolk

Unlike the modern breed of convertibles with folding metal roofs, the TF suffers from the traditional Achilles' heel of roadsters - poor security. A blade will make short work of the fabric roof and allow entry in a matter of seconds.

A clip-on hard top is available for the winter months but is expensive and unwieldy. A category 2 immobiliser comes as standard but only the TF model and above have an alarm. Leaving this car unwatched for long periods on the public highway would be unwise. Unfortunately, roadsters will always be less safe than other cars.

The TF comes with a driver's airbag, door side intrusion beams, seat belt pretensioners, adjustable head restraints and high tensile steel tubes in the windscreen pillars, but by today's standards, that represents nothing more than the bare minimum.

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While the steel bodywork may look pretty, it feels lightweight. Owners are advised not to store anything but the spare wheel in the front of the car to improve crashworthiness. If your priority is simply getting from A to B, the TF is not likely to be high on your wish-list. But if it is, this could very well be the car for you. The standard car handles wonderfully, and unlike some rivals, it is a genuine mid-engined car which always increases the smile factor. Opt for sports suspension and it's even better, out-handling any other comparable roadster.

Beware of the slow 1. No roadster is going to have much family appeal, particularly a compact one like the TF.

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